Indigenous Finance Australia/Mission


Our primary mission is to help Indigenous Australian people; entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprising communities gain access to mainstream finance lenders and insurance products.

We aim to stimulate Indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, providing Indigenous Australians with greater opportunities to participate in the economy.

As a specialist financial advisory and finance brokering business, Indigenous Finance Australia has entered into strategic partnerships with like-minded; next-generation online finance brokers and insurance providers, who are also committed to our mission and have ability to deliver specialised finance and insurance products in partnership with Indigenous Finance Australia.

Far too long, Indigenous Australians have been settling for too little when it comes to their financial business loans and mortgages. Lack of true choice, lack of transparency, lack of control and advice based more on familiarity than logic or numbers, all wrapped in a draconian, highly manual and positively 20th century process.

We believe that in a modern society such as ours, it unacceptable that there is a real gap in home ownership rates between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. An unacceptable gap, whereby Indigenous Australian households are about half as likely to own or be purchasing their own homes as non-Indigenous Australians and twice as likely to be renting.

We believe that both entrepreneurial leadership and stewardship of community capacity building are integral to the development of strong and sustainable communities, both now and future.

Indigenous Finance Australia’s mission is to deliver innovative, professional and culturally appropriate financial services solutions. Solutions that ease access to financing, and at same time positively contributes to improving financial literacy and strengthening financial capabilities of Indigenous Australian people; entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprising communities.

We will achieve our mission by adopting, applying and communicating an investment mindset in generating sustainable change. Our mission is underpinned by the premise, that an investment mindset is the catalyst for economic advancement and sustainable change. Economic advancement, primarily driven by empowered and success driven Indigenous Australians leaders, people; entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprising communities.

We believe that Indigenous Australians economic independence and advancement is the key to overcoming entrenched disadvantage.